What roads were there? 

The main ones were the Camí de Vic to Sant Bartomeu and the Carretera de Barcelona. There were also other royal roads that linked Gurb to other villages.

When were made the train?

The train arrived in Gurb the 14th of March of 1876,  together with the arrival of the train that goes to Vic.

Where were made the first industry and were is it located?

The first industry was created in 1920 at the Fecsa Power Station, which was located at the train station and the bullring.

Type of industry %

-The primary sector declined over the course of the nineteenth century, as agricultural importance was becoming less important.

-The secondary sector has grown throughout the 19th century due to the fact that there are more and more industries in Barcelona.

-The tertiary sector, which has hardly been mentioned, has remained the same over the years.

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