Where do you live?

Gurb: 29

Vic: 25

Others: 50

Town where you work or you have worked?

Gurb: 31

Vic: 27

Others: 44

What’s your age?

What’s your occupation?

Student: 24

Administration: 24

Third sector entrepreneur: 13

Worker on a shop or factory: 12

Others: 31

Do you participate actively in the conservation of the environment? How?

Never: 6

Sometimes: 22

Usually: 60

Always: 16

Recycling, using ecologic products.

When do you think the first industry of Gurb started?

Do you know which was?

I don’t know: 50

Malars: 10

Casa Tarradellas: 5

Barry Callebaut: 3

Others: 36

Which of these one options worries you the most?

Which aspects do you think need to be improved from the Gurb industrial zone?

What will you improve of Gurb?

More industries: 4

More green zones: 46

More public services: 54

What worries you more about the Gurb industry?

Pollution: 70

It don’t worry me: 15

Others: 19

Do you think the contamination of the Gurb industries need to decrease?

From 1 to 10, how scared are you about the increase of the industrial zone and with it, the decrease of the urban one?

Do you think the increase of the poblation comes from the industrial increase?

Do you think Casa Tarradellas will “eat” the other companies?

Do you think the climate change will affect Gurb?

How will affect Gurb the climate change?

The primary sector will disappear= 55 

The industries will use renewable energies= 28

The industries will be more automatized= 10

Others: 16

 Which kind of industry will predominate in Gurb by 2050?

What do you think will be the level of industrialization of Gurb by 2050?

What’s your maximum concern when you think about the 2050?

Pollution and climatic change: 71

Disappearance of the primary sector: 14

Others: 19

Which of these futures do you think is more likely to be for the 2050?

Everything will be do it by informatic programs: 62

The renewable energies will be the only ones that people will use: 20

There will be anything, climatic change will affect a lot the town: 16

Others: 6

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