Is there insdustrial growth?

In the last years, Gurb has experimented an industrial growth without precedents, because he has reached to combine the farming with the business industry and the living places.

Where are the companies currently located?

Most of the companies are situated in Gurb, but they try to situate their factories near to Vic, because it is also an important source of business.

Important advantatges of Gurb:

One of the biggest advantatges that has caused the industrialitzation in Gurb has been, in part, “thanks” to the roads which cross the town, two of the most important roads of Catalunya, the C-17 and l’Eix Transversal

Types of industries (%)

  •  Farming indstry: 34,4%
  • Services: 20,7%
  • Industrial activities: 15,1%
  • The most minority factories are the energy activities or the mining activities, waste management

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