It was one of the first factories in the region. In 1827, Gaspar Molas requested a new concession to increase the production of cotton thistle. In 1837 the facilities were burned down by Carlist Tristany. The factory was then rehabilitated and consisted of 2 buildings and some houses with hydraulic powered machinery using wooden wheels. Decades later, turbines were used. There is a date on the threshold of a door in 1780, possibly indicating the founding of the old flour and drapery mill. In 1996 it was bought by the Serra de Banyoles brothers for 46 million at an auction

Type of company:

Textile company formed by 25 residences and the factory. There was also a church, a company store, an inn and a school. 


In 1963, on top of a hill, and just a few metres away from the old one, the new factory was built, due to the fact that the old factory was flooded whenever the river rose. This new factory closed in 1996, but in 1999 Diemen bought it. The colony is in poor conditions. Since 1990 there hasn’t been any type of maintenance. 

How is this company nowadays? How many workers are there?

Actually it is closed but in the past got to have 75 workers and from 60 to 150 looms.

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